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Do Not Fear Them


We should never expect a fair shake, nor whine when it is not given. We are not to play the victim. That is disloyalty to Christ.

Lately I have had to fight my impulse to be discouraged and …

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Abdu Murray - Grand Central Question (July 17, 2015)

Guest Host: J. Warner Wallace

Guest: Abdu Murray - Grand Central Question: Answering the Critical Questions of the Major Worldviews

Find an article, book, or guest Greg mentioned on the show... …

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Challenge: Salvation by Grace Causes Bad Behavior

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Here’s an objection to Christianity from an atheist:

Christianity credits what you believe far above what you do. This idea has caused much misery and suffering over the course of the past …

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A Reformation the Church Doesn't Need Part 1

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Sometimes the best remedy for a moral/theological controversy is simply a good old-fashioned, down to earth, nothing buttery, search-the-Scriptures to-see-if-it’s-so, Bible study. Of …

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Responding to Same-Sex Marriage


Today, we’re going to take a look at a controversial policy issue. As Christians, we believe it’s our responsibility to stay informed about our faith and understand how our views …

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Every Idea Has Consequences

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Alan talks about his recent speaking tour in Alberta and explains the impact of same-sex marriage on the Christian culture in Canada.

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Supreme Court Ruling on Marriage


No doubt you’ve heard the ruling. I’ve been praying and thinking about how we as Christians and STR people move forward. We’ve got good arguments, and the issues may change over …

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